play dirty


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fantasies of a certain perverted witch


released August 29, 2014



all rights reserved


MOKKAA Estonia

- anastasia/stacy
- 19 years old
- estonia
- english/russian speaker

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Track Name: stretchmarks
i have your kisses on my neck
have your hands upon my throat
i feel like a nervous wreck
i feel very very dope

stretchmarks all over my body
twisting, curling, just like flowers
i can't do this, no, no more
life was perfect, but before
Track Name: honey
and it got painful so i cried
it got hotter and i lied
no time to spend on duties
so i can be your cutie

it got deeper and i thought
is this the life for which i fought?
you can't buy this with money
to be your little honey
Track Name: daddy's little girl (daddy's biggest mistake)
daddy's little one
count to three and i'll be gone
if you want me i will
put the lacy stockings on
hear my voice in paradise
if i won - i get a prize
if i'm bad i'll get a punishment
in front of my own eyes

daddy's little one
hear you on the telephone
if i want it you will
put the tiny ribbons on
i hear your voice in paradise
if you won - you get a prize
if you misbehave i'll punish you
in front of your own eyes
Track Name: kitten
kitty, kitty, are you afraid?
in these hands your new heart was made
it was made from steel and glass
and beautiful flowers from the grass

darling, darling, i don't like it
it's so fragile and i can't bite it
it consumes my virgin soul
i don't feel young any more
Track Name: play dirty
so many ways, but we play dirty
tell me that your lust is safe and sound
so many ways, but we play dirty
tell me that your lips are moist and wounded

so many ways, but we play dirty
tell me that your voice is clear and healthy
so many ways, but we play dirty
tell me that my life is worth this